York’s Cover-Up Takes New Step

On November 12, Scott York told Loudoun Times-Mirror reporter Trevor Baratko that he would, “convene a special Board of Supervisors meeting Nov. 20 for the sole purpose of discussing the Delgaudio inquiry.” Two days later, Supervisor Shawn Williams announced that, “at this meeting, I will push for Supervisor Delgaudio to be removed from his positions on the Finance, Government Services and Operations Committee and the Transportation and Land Use Committee while he is under criminal investigation.”

Now, in a blatant attempt to stop Williams from making any motion for a vote of the board, York has back-pedalled and said there will be no special meeting. Instead, his Facebook page now says that he (and, apparently, he alone) will conduct a “town hall” meeting in the board room at 7:30. Just to be sure there can be no other meeting that night where a vote can be taken, the board’s Finance/Government Services & Operations Committee has just today booked the board room for a “re-scheduled” meeting that night from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. (There are no documents available yet for that meeting on the county Web site.)

In the LTM piece, York says he is not calling the special meeting because county attorney Jack Roberts has advised him that no action be taken by the board concerning Delgaudio until the Arlington prosecutor’s office has completed its ongoing criminal investigation.

This is absurd.

York continues to make unilateral decisions without allowing the full board to be part of the process. We still don’t know who the two privileged persons are whom York says he gave the documentary evidence to, but we do know that the investigators used it to conclude it contains evidence of criminal conduct by Mr. Delgaudio. If he were a police officer, school bus driver, airline pilot, or other person holding the public trust, Mr. Delgaudio would be placed in a position where he could not do harm with misuse of his authority until the investigation was concluded. That is precisely what Supervisor Williams has proposed and, now that a finding that evidence of criminal activity has been made and a special prosecutor formally appointed, it is the only prudent thing to do.

Yet, Mr. York wants to continue the cover-up, yet again using the fact of an active investigation as an excuse to stop the facts from coming out, to stop his fellow board members from being heard, and to stop even the most prudent of actions being taken in regard to an elected official under criminal investigation. Only a coward hides behind his lawyer, refusing to do what’s right “on the advice of counsel.”

Mr. York, however, is not the only board member who can call a special meeting. Any two district supervisors can do that. If Mr. Williams has any support at all from the five other board members whom Scott York has been keeping in the dark, silenced, and deprived of any chance to do the jobs of representing their constituents they were elected to do, then he has a second supervisor who will call that special meeting with him. Real Advocate urges all Loudoun citizens to contact their supervisor and ask them to support Shawn Williams and call for a special meeting of the board to vote on a motion to remove Eugene Delgaudio from all committee assignments while the criminal investigation is under way. Even if Mr. Williams’s motion does not pass, Loudoun’s people have the right to know who on the board will govern with integrity, and who will be part of Scott York’s cover-up.

UPDATE: If your district supervisor is unsure of their authority to call a special meeting, refer them to § 15.2-1418 of the Code of Virginia.

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  1. Mr. Delgaudio’s lawyer is now apparently advising the government to let Scott York shut down the board of supervisors.

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