UPDATE: Delgaudio Investigation to be Headed by Former MC Dean Attorney

The two primary investigators hired by Loudoun county to look into the allegations of misconduct levied against Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio include a former FBI agent and a former counsel to one of the biggest donors to the current members of this all-Republican board: MC Dean.

Amy Hutchens, a senior member of Watermark Risk Management International, LLC, took her present position after serving for more than two years as Dean’s Associate General Counsel, according to her resume:

Associate General Counsel, M.C. Dean, Inc., Privately Held, 1001-5000 employees, Defense & Space Industry, April 2008 – June 2010 (2 years 3 months) Lead employment law and compliance counsel for diverse systems integration, design-build government electrical and telecom contractor. Coordinated government contracting compliance including drafting the code of conduct, general ethics requirements, Davis-Bacon Act, Service Contract Act and Buy American Act. Advised on full-spectrum of employment/HR issues including benefit programs, termination, EEO, workers compensation and wage and hour.

On top of the incredible decision to hire a small company based right in Loudoun, where it must answer to Loudoun’s government for taxes, zoning compliance, and other regulations, the board of supervisors wants us to believe we’ll receive an objective report from a lawyer whose previous job was for their biggest campaign financer, especially when that campaign financer is currently suing Loudoun county residents and suing the only member of this board who refused its money (and good for you on that decision, Mr. Williams).

Is it really fair to call upon these investigators to put aside all possible bias? Is it even remotely fair to ask Loudoun’s people to accept them as free of the appearances of impropriety? And why didn’t the board of supervisors require that the investigators be from out of state or, at the very least, out of county (as Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman did when he was asked to provide a preliminary review)?

We have nothing against either firm that has been hired for this job. But, it is blazingly obvious already that the county should have made a different choice.


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4 comments on “UPDATE: Delgaudio Investigation to be Headed by Former MC Dean Attorney
  1. It’s almost as if this choice was made with the knowledge that citizens won’t be able to take the investigation seriously, and therefore won’t bother coming forward to provide the investigators with information.

  2. Joe Maloney says:

    Can’t say as I’m surprised. As far as I’m concerned it’s unethical for these ‘investigators’ to take this case. And at $125/hour, if I read that correctly, how seriously are they going to take it. Seems like a VERY low rate for an investigation…

  3. No doubt these are qualified and competent investigators – just not on this case. Even if they could objectively report on officials with so much power over them (dubious), asking the public, including would be informants, to have confidence in this is ridiculous. And they surely should have realized that.

    The low budget might have made it hard to find a firm willing to take the case, too. All we’ve seen since the Post broke this story is signal after signal that the board is trying to maintain a cover up, which tells me it goes way beyond Delgaudio. They don’t even like him.

  4. Unbelievably tone deaf move on their part. What idiots.

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