RAPAC Files Suit for Delgaudio Records

As reported here  and here, Real Adovcate Communications Director Elizabeth Miller has been completely stonewalled by the all-Republican board of Loudoun county after issuing a Freedom of Information Act for the records Chairman Scott York received in March from a former staff aide of Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, reported by the Washington Post to include evidence of Delgaudio’s having used county-paid staff to help him with campaigning and political fund-raising. Instead of providing the records as required by law, the Republicans have circled the wagons around one of their own, issued a meaningless “order” for a sham investigation, and responded to the demand by saying that the evidence York has held for months are now “personnel” records. Or, maybe they are part of an “active investigation.” No explanation is given for how an elected official’s e-mail with citizens and calendar of events and meetings can become a personnel record, nor has the county offered anything to suggest how they could know who is supposed to be investigated or about what (indeed, the county’s last reply to RAPAC’s Miller actually says there are no documents that say anything about either subject).

With the county having chosen to stand its ground, and the obviousness of a cover-up plain for all to see, Real Adovcate has today filed a petition with the Loudoun County General District Court for a writ of mandamus that will order York and the others to give up what they have, so the rest of us can see it.

Real Advocate’s press release is below.


From: Elizabeth A. Miller
Communications Director
Real Advocate PAC

Contact: Stevens Miller
Executive Director
Real Advocate PAC

October 17, 2012


Real Advocate Political Action Committee Sues for Delgaudio Records

“What did the chairman know, and when did he know it?” That’s the question Elizabeth Miller, Communications Director of the political action committee Real Advocate, says she’s trying to answer. Following a stunning article in the Washington Post, where Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s county-paid staff aide (since fired by Delgaudio) revealed that she had given documentary evidence that Delgaudio ordered her to assist in his campaign and fund-raising activities to Chairman Scott York in March of this year, Miller has tried to obtain copies of those documents. “Scott York had these items for months and did nothing with them. Suddenly, when the Post reports he has them, he orders up a closed-door, underfunded investigation, and refuses to reveal what he has.” Miller filed a petition today with the Loudoun County District Court, asking the court to order the county to produce York’s documents.

Miller is represented as the petitioner in Real Advocate’s suit by her husband, attorney and former county supervisor Stevens Miller. Responding to the county’s claim that the material is under “active investigation,” he says, “That’s an obvious attempt at a cover-up by an all-Republican board. Real investigations name a subject, specify charges, and set forth deadlines. This board didn’t do any of that. It’s a sham.”

At realadvocate.org, the PAC says, “Real Advocate is dedicated to the removal from office of any elected official, regardless of their party, who relies on, promotes, or condones the hatred of any class of persons.”

Under Virginia law, the county has seven days to appear in court and show why the material Real Advocate has asked for should not be produced. (Hearing is presently set for 8:30 am, Wednesday, October 24.)


Additional Background

Eugene Delgaudio heads “Public Advocate of the United States,” a hate-group named as one of only 34 such groups in the state of Virginia by the Southern Poverty Law Center (along with neo-nazi organizations and chapters of the Ku Klux Klan). Delgaudio may be unique as the only sitting elected government official in the state to be the head of such a group. Delgaudio’s activities have included staging a mock “man-donkey wedding” to protest LGBT rights, claims that Transportation Security Administration officers are homosexuals secretly using airport “pat-downs” for sexual gratification, and the illegal use of a couple’s engagement photo in unauthorized anti-gay political propaganda. Responding to that last example, Southern Poverty Law Center has sponsored a suit brought against Public Advocate in Colorado federal court.

A recent report at The Washington Post alleges Delgaudio has been using his county office and staff for political campaigning and for campaign fund-raising, both for himself and for Public Advocate. The Loudoun county board has ordered an outside investigation, but refuses to reveal anything publicly about the nature of that investigation, despite numerous citizen requests, including the above-mentioned Freedom of Information Act demand.

The Washington Post has previously reported that Delgaudio’s hate-group, which dates back at least well into the last century, pays him an annual salary in excess of $100,000.00 per year, funded largely by donations.


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12 comments on “RAPAC Files Suit for Delgaudio Records
  1. Glenn Maravetz says:

    Thank you! You are representing a lot of people in your effort, more than you may know. You are not alone in wanting to know what really happened and IS happening here in Loudoun.

  2. realadvocate says:

    Thanks, Glenn. We’ve chosen not to affiliate this project with either party because we see this as an issue that is inherently non-partisan.

    In the case of Mr. Delgaudio, people from most parts of the political spectrum have, for years, called him out for what he is. When what he is can be seen in the light of day, people can make their own judgments about it.

    This time, however, a one-party board is giving him cover. No one, regardless of party, should be willing to tolerate that.



    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    Dear Ms. Miller,

    I’d appreciate a phone call at your earliest convenience.

    Trevor B. at the Times-Mirror and I are well acquainted having both reported on Supervisor’s Delgaudio’s campaign against the LGBTQ community.


    Brody Levesque
    Washington Bureau Chief
    LGBTQNation Magazine * LGBTQNation.com
    (202) ___ ____

  4. Ed Myers says:

    I hope the legal troubles cost Delgaudio more than he gets in increased contributions with a “woe is me…I’m under attack.. send money” appeal.

    • That’s a really valid concern, Ed. No one but he and his staff know how much his mailers get him, but it does always seem as though his media blasts tend to follow any bad press he gets. That’s disturbing, because it may mean that, every time we think he’s taken another hit in the public’s perception, he actually makes money from it.

      If you get any mailings from him, would you please pass them along?


      • It is a valid concern, but I think he wields it deliberately to discourage people from investigating and exposing him. It’s hard to have much sympathy for the people he preys on (although I suppose we should try harder). Other than that, think of it as enhancing the assets available for awards to plaintiffs :)

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