Grand Jury Investigates Delgaudio

The Washington Post is reporting this morning that Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney, Theo Stamos, has begun forming a grand jury here in Loudoun to hear the case against Delgaudio.

Prosecutors have begun impaneling a grand jury to review evidence against Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene A. Delgaudio as part of an ongoing criminal investigation, according to two people who were summoned for the selection process last week.

The potential jurors were convened Feb. 5 in Loudoun County Circuit Court, where a judge told them that the grand jury was being assembled to look into allegations against Delgaudio, the two people said.

Obviously, in that pile of documents that Scott York sat on for months, there is enough evidence of wrong-doing to provide plenty of work for a grand jury. The Post report says this:

The review would involve at least six sessions, specifically in the next two or three months.

And this:

[Prosecutor Stamos] said there were a lot of documents to be reviewed.

Which means that, while Eugene Delgaudio may well be indicted for his own misconduct, Scott York also has a lot to answer for. This information should have all been in Stamos’s hands back in April. Thanks to Donna Mateer’s bravery, Caitlin Gibson’s report in the Post, and the dedication of many others, including supporters and friends of this PAC, the truth about Eugene Delgaudio is finally coming out.

[This story is gaining notice fast: Leesburg Patch, WJLA, Brody Levesque, The Loudoun Times-Mirror, and Leesburg Today are running it.]

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18 comments on “Grand Jury Investigates Delgaudio
  1. There seems to be great hope that this Grand jury panel will lead to Delgaudios demise. It could turn out to be nothing more then a misdemeanor breaking of the rules governing the Board of Supervisors. If that is the outcome then the demise of Real Advocate to the internet scrapheap, Stevens Miller to the ultimate whiner scrapheap followed closely by Jonathan and David Weintraube and Lets not forget Tony flippy flop Barney all will be defeated in their cause! If you guys get lucky and they nail Eugene celebrate hardy but if not I want to see headlines on the Real Advocate announcing Delgaudios innocence if you lose. No grips about methods allowed you got the Ca from Arlington who is nothing short of a Saint so lets see what she finds and live with it.

  2. Comm says:

    We’ll see what happens, Jon. At least it’s not being swept under a rug. The light of day is a terrific disinfectant.

    • My concern now is that it will not be seen in the light of day. I do not know much about Grand Jury proceedings but aren’t they mostly secrete? Also is it strange to you that there seems to be a lack of any womans group in support of Donna, there should be!

  3. Comm says:

    Mr. Erickson, I’m not getting your point. It seems like you would be equally unhappy with any action and any outcome. What would you like to see come out of this?

  4. Comm says:

    Way to not answer the question, Mr. Erickson. You say you don’t like this and you don’t like that, and you don’t trust the outcome. And then you say you don’t have a dog in the hunt?
    Pumpkin, if you live in Loudoun County, then your tax money is paying Eugene Delgaudio’s supervisor salary. Your tax money is paying for his aides. If the allegations are true, then Delgaudio has been stealing from you to line his pockets.

    So tell me, what outcome do you want?

    • Pumpkin Lilly “If the allegations are true” and it’s a felony bust his butt. I do trust CA Stamos to do just that. If it is a misdemeanor which I assume it will end up as then all the hyperbole and nasty comments about Eugene will be nothing more then vitriol by people with a axe to grind. I would like to know how much of the $15000.00 dollars was paid for the abbreviated investigation by the BOS? If anything he was lining the pockets of his campaign not his own personal bank account as you I am sure know there is no investigation into how the money was spent ala Jesse Jackson JR. I fail to see how this lined his pockets.
      Speaking of question and answers
      are grand jury probes secret?
      did any women’s group come out and support Donna?
      Barney had the right idea until he did the Mitt flippy floppy and called for Eugene to resign. Wait for the truth to be uncovered by Ca Stamos and see if she can force the issue this baloney with the group meeting today is nothing more then democrats venting and that does not bother Eugene one bit.

  5. Comm says:

    You fail to see how he lined his pockets? By getting his county-paid staff-aide to spend all her working time making fund-raising phone calls for him.

    The taxpayers of Loudoun County were paying his staff aide to raise money for him.

    And you fail to see how he lined his pockets?


    • You fail to see that he didn’t line his pockets. Do you you have a numeric value in your mind?
      Isn’t there a difference between fund raising and the spending of said money for private materialistic purposes? Is it with Eugene and you that the line is blurred cause as of the moment there is no relationship between Eugene’s campaign finances and his personnel gains.

  6. Comm says:

    Item 1. Eugene Delgaudio pays himself out of the money he raises.
    Item 2. The taxpayers were paying his staffers to raise money for him.
    Item 3. Thus, he’s lining his own pockets using taxpayer funds.

    Sheesh, man. Do the math.

    • How in the world does Eugene pay himself out of the money he raises? If he raises money for his campaign that is not money going into his pocket. He4 has not been accused of buying Rolex watches and fur coats like a member of the democrat party has done The taxpayers supposedly were paying the salary of the aides to collect money for a charity in this instance. Are you against charitable donations? Ca Stamos and the Grand jury will decide whether any laws were broke as it is now you are just spouting the usual hate against a man whose beliefs differ from yours aka as hatespeak. You must have been a baketball player because you are sure making some amazing leaps and bounds with your accusations.

  7. Comm says:

    We’ll see, won’t we? In the meantime, I recommend some antacids. The level of bile you are over-flowing with just can’t be good for your esophagus.

    • Always adding to the many areas you lack expertise in this time as a doctor.
      Al Nevarez- a loser to Eugene
      Jeanne West- a loser to Eugene
      Stevens Miller- at least had the sense to quit before he could get trounced in the last election
      Valerie- a disgruntled aide cause she went with the losers
      Adam Wexton and Evan Macbeth democrat hacks along with the Tony flip flop Barney!
      This is the best you have to oppose Delguadio. No wonder your trying to get a judge to throw out a election won fair and square by Delgaudio. You haven’t a chance to beat him with that line-up, losers, quitters and party wacks.
      If I am Eugene considering the forces marshalled against me at this time I am relaxing with a double shot of Johnnie Walker Black in my easy chair.
      Don’t forget your midol.

      • Real Advocate PAC has nothing to do with the removal petition circulated by some of the people named above. I can also say that candidate Tony Barney is not involved. We agree with Mr. Barney’s earlier statement to the effect that a removal petition at this time is premature and likely to do more harm than good to the efforts to see Mr. Delgaudio leave office.

        Stevens Miller

  8. Comm says:

    Mr. Erickson, it doesn’t help your claim that you are not filled with bile when you misname the people on your list.

    Seriously, antacids. They do wonders for the digestion and give you a better outlook on life.

  9. Comm says:

    Mr. Wexton’s first name is not Adam. And no, none of us here is a doctor, but I have found anecdotally that one’s digestion affects one’s mood. I’m suggesting that your digestion is making you unpleasant to converse with, moreso than your abominable spelling and grammar.

    If it’s not your digestion, then I most humbly apologize. It must just be rotten to be living with someone who is so amazingly rude all the time for no good reason.

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