Donate to my campaign and I’ll award you a government contract

Supervisor Delgaudio’s mascot squeals like a stuck pig.

If you’re in the printing and mailing business and need work, make a donation to Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s campaign. Don’t concern yourself with Virginia’s local government conduct Statute.

§ 2.2-3102. Application.

This article applies to generally prohibited conduct that shall be unlawful and to state and local government officers and employees.

(1987, Sp. Sess., c. 1, § 2.1-639.3; 2001, c. 844.)

§ 2.2-3103. Prohibited conduct.

No officer or employee of a state or local governmental or advisory agency shall:

3. Offer or accept any money or other thing of value for or in consideration of the use of his public position to obtain a contract for any person or business with any governmental or advisory agency;

Would Delgaudio’s tax-dollar-concerned supporters claim that a pattern of campaign contributions followed by contracts is mere coincidence? Anything’s possible. Let’s look at the Supervisor’s 2012 printing and bulk mailing contracts (red) and Campaign donations from MDI Imaging and Mail and Consolidated Mailing (green). I guess they could say it only happened twice. That’s not a pattern…is it?

<td >MDI IMAGING AND MAIL County disbursement (6020-Printing and Binding) DocNO CV12008839-01

1/4/12 $250.00 MDI Imaging & Mail Itemized cash contribution to Delgaudio for Loudoun County Board of Supervisors – Eugene
3/12/12 $3,327.61 MDI IMAGING AND MAIL County disbursement (6020-Printing and Binding) DocNo CV12007709-01
3/29/12 $3,291.95 MDI IMAGING AND MAIL County disbursement (6020-Printing and Binding) DocNo CV12008361-01
4/12/12 $1,708.30
$8,327.86 MDI contract costs
5/5/12 $1,000.00 Consolidated Mailing In-kind donation: Labor and Other Printing to Delgaudio for Loudoun County Board of Supervisors – Eugene
7/24/12 $2,300.00 CONSOLIDATED MAILING SERVICES INC County disbursement (6020-Printing and Binding) DocNo CV12011609-01
10/4/12 $2,300.00 CONSOLIDATED MAILING SERVICES INC County disbursement (6020-Printing and Binding) DocNo RP186388-01
10/4/12 $475.00 CONSOLIDATED MAILING SERVICES INC County disbursement (6020-Printing and Binding) DocNo RP186389-01
$5,075.00 Consolidated contract costs
$1,250.00 Total gifts to Supervisor Delgaudio
$13,402.86 Total taxpayer expenditures

See anything odd? Maybe MDI Imaging should have made a investment campaign contribution in May. Consolidated came through with a $1000 in-kind. Subsequently, Consolidated received $5075 in county contracts. The switch from MDI to Consolidated was rather abrupt. Eugene’s order to his aide, “Patten, Joe” ( is cut and pasted from an email received in a FOIA response. The emphasis is mine. “BILL AND HIMANI” are the MDI points of contact. Notice that Eugene is directing staff from his campaign email,, not his account.

From: Eugene Delgaudio []
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 1:17 PM
To: Patten, Joe
june 4 2012
dear joe
this is the LAST PURCHASE ORDER for postcards to MDI
they did not comply with this order as requested.
i would like to try Consolidated.
There is a an order for printing the newsletter and I can not find it.
See if you can find an order to MDI from Fred concerning newsletter.
(this is an order for cards) from February. I can not find it.
Send me the order so I can use it to prepare a new order. Thank you.

And what do the taxpayers get out of $13,402.86 in expenditures, a bunch of propaganda? Yup. But somebody must benefit from these mailings. Guess who, a Congressman and other supervisors? Yes and yes. Stay tuned.

(By the way, we don’t want to suggest any misconduct by the companies mentioned above. As for Mr. Delgaudio, though, we think–again–that the facts speak for themselves.)

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8 comments on “Donate to my campaign and I’ll award you a government contract
  1. It was during a hearing on the CBPO that Scott York, without consulting the rest of the board, allowed that person in the pig-suit to lead a parade of protesters through the board room, disrupting the proceedings and distracting the supervisors.

    Who knew that would be such a harbinger of his leadership style as we see it today? Nor how fitting that person in the pig-suit would be after all.

  2. What’s so funny about that “protest” is that they wanted to parade through the board room, they wanted to hold a rally in the lobby of the government building, but they were absolutely enraged about having their pictures taken in these public places. It’s very interesting that York was so cooperative. I didn’t realize that at the time.

  3. Stevens Miller says:

    Oh, yes. In the middle of a briefing from staff he announced that he had granted them permission to bring their demonstration into the board room and march across the back of the spectators’ area. In the middle of this, John Flannery stood up and shouted something to the effect of, “Mr. Chairman, I object to your allowing this demonstration to disrupt these proceeding!” York’s reply was, “Mr. Flannery, you’re the only one disrupting the proceedings.” To which Flannery responded by pointing at the guy in your picture and asking, “Why? Because I’m not wearing a pig-suit?!” The applause was memorable.

    I got my own point in when, after the pig-suit person and the other protesters had left, I asked the Chairman to have staff repeat its presentation since, of course, I knew that all of the board members had been, as I had been, paying close attention to the signs the protesters were carrying after he unilaterally let them come into the board room. But that meant, of course, that I couldn’t pay attention to the briefing, so I needed to have it all done again.

    Scott has years of experience guiding him on how to use his position as chairman to make his own decisions stick without calling for a vote. This time, I think, he’s pushed it too far. But that day the person in the pig-suit got to lead a parade of protesters through a meeting of the board of supervisors was certainly a precursor to what we’re seeing now.

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