Delgaudio’s Lawyer Attacks Witness

Eugene Delgaudio’s lawyer has invented a fact pattern out of whole cloth, apparently trying to imply that Delgaudio’s former staff aide, Donna Mateer, had political motivations for going public with her evidence. Through her attorney (also this PAC’s Executive Director), she has replied.

Ironically, just before attacking Ms. Mateer, Delgaudio’s lawyer said this:

I repeat my previous request for everybody to wait and let Ms. Stamos do her job.

Contradicting his own request, he then goes on to make his accusations, refer to documents he says he has that no one else has ever seen, and then find his client innocent (before any charges have been brought).

Interested members of the public can decide for themselves what they think of lawyers who don’t take their own advice. Our own view is that the press was the right place to bring the facts about Mr. Delgaudio to light, but it is the wrong place to hold a trial. We agree that waiting for that to happen in a court of law is the right thing to do.

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3 comments on “Delgaudio’s Lawyer Attacks Witness
  1. Socialists for Barney says:

    Tony Barney,

    It looks like it is time to disavow any relationship with real advocate or our chances in you winning in 2015 may be in peril.

    To have the director of a political pac represent a client against a politician, and then claim that the opposing attorney is “attacking” her because of her political motivations is laughable. If this circus continues we may lose the best chance that we’ve had in years to finally make those filthy rich residents in Loudoun finally pay their fair share for the betterment of the world society.

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