Delgaudio removed from all standing committee appointments

The Loudoun Times-Mirror and Leesburg Today are reporting that for the Board of Supervisors’ 2013 term, Supervisor Delgaudio has not been appointed to serve on any standing committees.

In addition, Shawn Williams will be replacing Janet Clarke as vice-chair. Clarke expressed a desire to no longer occupy that leadership position (a position in which she shares responsibility with Chairman York for the handling of the Donna Mateer complaint) near the end of the 2012 term.

What to make of this? While we can’t read the minds of the board members, the significance of the member ordinarily treated by his party like an elder statesman receiving zero committee assignments can’t be denied. Perhaps the spectacle of his combative participation in the November 20 Finance, Government Services and Operations Committee meeting made everyone a bit uncomfortable. During that meeting, Delgaudio loudly objected to proposed changes to the board’s policy prohibiting the use of county aides in their Supervisor’s campaign or private business, the very activities for which he is being investigated.

Or alternatively, perhaps Mr. Delgaudio’s colleagues have enough personal knowledge of his activities and the investigation into them that they wish to prepare for his removal from the board entirely.

As a minimum safeguard against conflict of interest, Real Advocate and other interested community members have asked that Mr. Delgaudio be removed from his committee assignments pending the outcome of the criminal and internal investigations against him. We see this shift as an encouraging sign of what his fellow board members expect that outcome to be.

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3 comments on “Delgaudio removed from all standing committee appointments
  1. I guess Real Advocate forgot to report that Eugene voted himself off any committee because of any conflict that might arise because of the current investigation. His Attorney also asked for a hearing to either be charged or have his name cleared, I know that’s important information that Real Advocate just forgot to include but it’s not slanted the article in any way Nooooooo!

  2. jon: Interesting theory, but as you can see this post was published on Wednesday, January 2. Delgaudio’s attorney didn’t release his statement until Thursday, January 3.

    Charlie King does attempt to explain in his statement why Delgaudio didn’t vote against his own removal from committee appointments. What do you think of that explanation? Does the claim that he “didn’t want to embroil the entire board in another controversy” seem plausible to you, especially when King then turns around and demands (another) internal investigation and hearing?

  3. JusticeLeague says:

    Is this the same Eugene Delgaudio that says he, his wife, and 6 children used a small townhouse in Sterling as his primary residence while serving several board terms in Loudoun? It’s all smoke and mirrors.

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