Delgaudio’s Lawyer Attacks Witness

Eugene Delgaudio’s lawyer has invented a fact pattern out of whole cloth, apparently trying to imply that Delgaudio’s former staff aide, Donna Mateer, had political motivations for going public with her evidence. Through her attorney (also this PAC’s Executive Director),

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Grand Jury Investigates Delgaudio

The Washington Post is reporting this morning that Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney, Theo Stamos, has begun forming a grand jury here in Loudoun to hear the case against Delgaudio. Prosecutors have begun impaneling a grand jury to review evidence against Loudoun County Supervisor

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Attack the strength: A rhetorical trick

Editor’s note: World Net Daily is about as reputable a source of information as is Delgaudio’s group Public Advocate, but the following item is unlikely to be covered by a legitimate news source. The value of this WND report is

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Candidate Tony Barney Calls for Delgaudio Resignation

The Washington Post quoted Sterling resident Tony Barney, who is an announced candidate challenging Eugene Delgaudio, in its article on the Loudoun board’s removal of Delgaudio from all committee assignments. At his request, we are publishing the full text of

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Delgaudio removed from all standing committee appointments

The Loudoun Times-Mirror and Leesburg Today are reporting that for the Board of Supervisors’ 2013 term, Supervisor Delgaudio has not been appointed to serve on any standing committees. In addition, Shawn Williams will be replacing Janet Clarke as vice-chair. Clarke

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Statement from Tony Barney

The following statement was provided to Real Advocate by Tony Barney, who has previously announced his candidacy for Sterling district supervisor: December, 11th, 2012 As a publicly declared candidate for Sterling Supervisor, I have been made aware that some individuals

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Eugene Delgaudio’s friends help us explain the meaning of “hate”

I guess beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to demonstrating enthusiasm for their dubious and possibly criminal activities, and there must not be much to choose from in the department of Eugene/Public Advocate supporters. How else to explain Public

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Supervisors will vote on new Aides Policy

From the Loudoun Times-Mirror: The new proposed policy dictates that board aides may not, under any circumstance, use county resources – equipment, paid time, office space – to conduct political activities, including fundraising and campaigning. Additionally, board aides are not

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Delgaudio File in CA’s Hands

I received a phone call yeseterday from Theophani Stamos, the Arlington Commonwealth’s Attorney whom the Loudoun Circuit Court appointed as the special prosecutor to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct against Eugene Delgaudio. She asked that our conversation be kept between the

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